Green East Limited Liability Company is the only rice entity in the country that implements all the phrases from the beginning to the end of the product. Thus, we cultivate rice seeds, turn them into seedlings, plant, dry, process and pack them with our own means. Our main goal is to increase local production, apply modern farming systems and produce quality products that meet food standards. The company is officially registered as a food producer by the State Agency for Food Safety of the Republic of Azerbaijan and is included in the state register. Green East LLC has achieved significant results in the agricultural sector with a team of experienced specialists in the field of paddy (rice). As a result, it has developed a traditional, fragrant, local natural rice. The company was provided with modern equipment brought by Agroleasing OJSC of the Ministry of Agriculture within the framework of the "Investment Promotion Project" of the Ministry of Economy in accordance with the State Program for the Development of Rice. For the first time in the country, paddy cultivation was started using these techniques. .


Lankaran / Girdeni village

Green East Limited Liability Company has been operating in the food sector since 2017 started. Lankaran, which has the most suitable land and climate for paddy farming in Azerbaijan engaged in sowing and processing in our territories in the region.

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İş Prinsipimiz

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Our mission is to benefit the community, strengthen the country's economy and keep the population healthy doing its best to meet the demand for food, product assortments every day customer satisfaction by further enhancing and further improving product production is to be a company that provides the maximum level. Each harmful to humans by the company no additives are used to protect future generations and nature natural product is grown.


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⁣✔ Lankaran / Girdeni village.


Lankaran / Girdeni village

The king of the table is pilaf, and the taste of pilaf is rice. Completely natural that will add flavor to your tables, We are proud to present you our healthy, local and insatiable products. Make your choice, taste the difference.